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"TrueAnalyst is for analysts to share their insights with retail investors."

A performance rating is assigned to all analysts and ideas. Read more

Analyst: 5 reasons to join

You get your own custom URL where you can show recruiters, colleagues and clients all your trade ideas and their performance.

Once you start posting trade ideas that investors follow, they will start following you as well. So next time you post a trade idea, hundreds of investors will know.

You can post how many trade ideas, you like, how frequently you care to and with no editorial hold up.

If you want to keep a private log of trade ideas, you can. At any point, you can turn your private ideas to public ones, and those ideas will join your public analyst rating.

Good trade ideas deserve a handsome reward. Sign up to get informed on when this feature goes live.

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Ryan Suchet
Ryan Suchet

"It is great for beginner as well as pros because it puts everyone on an even playing field and the results speak for themselves."

Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez

"TrueAnalyst attracts creative investing ideas, I use it to find unpolished diamonds."

Elad Levin
Elad Levin

"As a beginner TrueAnalyst is an incredibly powerful tool that reduces my investing research to a minimum."

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